Acceptable use of ICT

Acceptable use of ICT at New Directions College

New Directions is committed to promoting and maximising the use of ICT in the delivery of learning programmes both by tutors and learners. Learners are able to access ICT equipment and services at our main site in South Reading and can request specific equipment through our Additional Learner Support policy.

We expect all users to respect and not abuse the equipment or technology. 

New Directions monitors IT usage at all centres.

Maximum use of publicly available computers is expected to be no more than 2 hours per day. This is to ensure that everyone has access to ICT equipment when they need it. If you wish to book a computer for more than 2hrs per day, please speak to reception.

Acceptable use of public access computers:

Our publicly accessible computers are available for:

  • Online job search of advertised vacancies and research for speculative applications.
  • Online job applications, writing CV and covering or speculative letter.
  • E-mail job applications/enquiries and reviewing responses.
  • Access to New Directions Learning Platform
  • Access to e-portfolios and e-learning platforms such as Learning Assistant
  • Producing course work/assignments
  • Researching for course work
  • Accessing information, advice and guidance about careers, courses or progression routes such as Traineeships or Apprenticeships

Users must:

  • Read, agree to and sign an acceptable use of ICT statement before using ICT equipment or the internet at New Directions College
  • Use equipment only for reasons as outlined above
  • Behave in a safe and responsible manner when using equipment and accessing the internet
  • Treat equipment with respect
  • Use the login details provided
  • Report any issues to a member of staff as soon as possible
  • Leave work areas as you would expect to find them.

Users must not:

  • Use equipment for reasons other than those set out above
  • Remove or move ICT equipment
  • Eat or drink near ICT equipment
  • Behave in any way that disturbs other people using the facilities
  • Download/install software without permission or alter the settings of the computers
  • Make any changes to the computers that render them unusable by others
  • Access or transmit offensive, discriminatory, sexual or illegal material
  • Send offensive, discriminatory, abusive or libelous messages.
  • Hack into or access un-authorised areas
  • Use the system for general personal use (public libraries & internet cafés provide this service)
  • Print in excess of a daily allowance of 5 A4 pages (You need to pay 10p per sheet for additional printing)
  • Store personal documents on the hard drive

Internet Filtering

Our PCs have an Internet Filtering Software on them. If it blocks access to a website you think should not be blocked, please notify a member of staff. If they agree with you, they will unblock the website for you.