Family Learning

Family Learning


Family Learning

Family Learning is delivered directly by New Directions and by our Partners. Delivered in a range of Children’s centres and community venues across Reading and central Berkshire, our Family Learning programmes are focused on:

  1. Family English, Maths and Language – learning to improve the English,
    language and maths skills of parents, carers or guardians and their ability to help their children
  2. Wider Family Learning – learning to help different generations of family
    members to learn together how to support their children’s learning

Our delivery partners are:

Compass Recovery College   Courses to promote good mental health and improve personal wellbeing.

Reading Community Learning Centre   Education and support for ethnic minority women and their families, particularly women who are marginalised, to achieve their full potential.

Berkshire School of English Providing targeted English teaching for adults who are speakers of other languages.

Reading Children’s Centres  Providing Family learning, English, Maths and Language learning including parenting courses, early years development and learning for work courses.

Reading Libraries   Family learning through regular Rhyme Time sessions at Reading’s 7 libraries, open to parents/carers and pre-school children.