Recognition Awards

Recognition Awards 2022

New Directions College Recognition Award Scheme

We love to recognise and celebrate the achievements and success and contribution and impact of our learners, staff, volunteers, partners and subcontractors. At New Directions College we run a recognition award scheme that is designed to do just that! Each month, individuals can be nominated to be recognised under a range of categories. When an individual is nominated and is awarded a recognition certificate, they are also automatically invited to an annual awards ceremony that is held in September that will highlight an overall and outstanding winner for each category.

Nominating a learner for a recognition award is easy:

You can nominate a learner under one of the following categories:

Demonstrating independence in learning

Recognition of the talent of the learner that has been able to best process and evaluate information in their investigations, planning what to do and how to go about it. This category is for learners who take informed and well-reasoned decisions, recognising that others have different beliefs and attitudes

Outstanding participation in learning

Learners who actively engage with issues that affect them and those around them. They play a full part in the life of the College, workplace or wider community by taking responsible action to bring improvements for others as well as themselves

Developing through reflective practice

Learners who evaluate their strengths and limitations, setting themselves realistic goals with criteria for success. They monitor their own performance and progress, inviting feedback from others and making changes to further their learning

Team player

Learners who work confidently with others, adapting to different contexts and taking responsibility for their own part. They listen to and take account of different views. They form collaborative relationships, resolving issues to reach agreed outcomes.

Demonstrating outstanding initiative

Learners who organise themselves, showing personal responsibility, initiative, creativity and enterprise with a commitment to learning and self-improvement. They actively embrace change, responding positively to new priorities, coping with challenges and looking for opportunities.

Thinking creatively

Learners who think creatively by generating and exploring ideas and making original connections. They try different ways to tackle a problem, working with others to find imaginative solutions and outcomes that are of value.

Overcoming adversities

Learners who have had to overcome considerable obstacles, coped admirably with their adversities and retained a positive approach to their studies, demonstrating resilience and strength.

Individual Recognition (tutor’s choice)

No set criteria

This award scheme also recognises the contribution and impact of our staff, volunteers, partners and subcontractors.

To nominate a member of staff, a volunteer, a partner or subcontractor, click here:

You can nominate under one of the following categories:

Demonstrating outstanding professional values and attributes

They may demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • They reflect on what works best in either their teaching and learning or specific role to meet the diverse needs of learners and service users.
  • They evaluate and challenge their practice, values and beliefs.
  • They inspire, motivate and raise aspirations of others through their enthusiasm and knowledge.
  • They are creative and innovative in selecting and adapting strategies to help others.
  • They value and promote social and cultural diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion.
  • They build positive and collaborative relationships with colleagues and learners.

Demonstrating outstanding professional skills

They may demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • They motivate and inspire others, they promote achievement and develop their own skills to enable progression.
  • They plan and deliver effective learning programmes and/or services for diverse groups or individuals in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • They promote the benefits of technology and support others in its use.
  • They address the mathematics and English needs of learners and work creatively to overcome individual barriers to learning.
  • They enable others to share responsibility for their own learning and assessment, setting goals that stretch and challenge.
  • They apply appropriate and fair methods of assessment and provide constructive and timely feedback to support progression and achievement.
  • They maintain and update their teaching and training expertise and vocational skills through collaboration with employers.
  • They contribute to organisational development and quality improvement through collaboration with others.

Demonstrating outstanding professional knowledge and understanding

They may demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • They maintain and update knowledge of their subject and/or vocational area.
  • They maintain and update their knowledge of educational or job specific research to develop evidence-based practice.
  • They apply theoretical understanding of effective practice in either teaching, learning and assessment or their area of specialism, drawing on research and other evidence.
  • They evaluate their practice with others and assess its impact on learning and/or the services delivered by the College.
  • They manage and promote positive behaviour.
  • They understand the teaching and professional role and their responsibilities.

Individual/Group Recognition

No set criteria

If you have any enquiries about the Recognition Awards, please contact Rossella Kench at or call 07929 853 707 or 0118 937 2079.