Dressmaking for Beginners/ Intermediate (Eve) Course


Our Dressmaking for Beginners/Intermediate course provides comprehensive instruction to help learners master the basics of dressmaking.

During the course, students will learn the fundamentals of dressmaking, including fabric selection, pattern cutting, sewing techniques, and garment construction. Learners will gain a thorough understanding of seam finishes, hems, darts, and other aspects of dressmaking while building an array of garments. Building upon the foundation laid in the beginners’ course, learners will be able to hone their dressmaking skills to create more complex garments from shop bought patterns. The course covers more advanced techniques such as buttonholes, zippers, and creating your own patterns. In addition, learners will learn how to evaluate their progress or mistakes and make necessary adjustments. By the end of the course, students will be equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to start their own projects.

Topics covered: Understanding a sewing machine; learning to sew seams, hems, zips, pockets and buttonholes and finish garments professionally.

Skills to be gained: Using a sewing machine; How to sew seams, hems, zips, pockets and buttonholes; Learn how to finish garments professionally.

You will need to bring:

*Fabric (outer, lining, interlining/ interfacing, etc)

Sewing thread

*Buttons, fasteners and trims.

*Sewing pattern(s) in an appropriate size.

*These items won’t be needed in the first session, so learners can wait until the course starts to select these things if they would rather wait for some guidance.

The sewing room has everything else you will need, but you may wish to bring your own basic sewing kit (scissors, hand sewing needles, unpicker, etc)