Ceramics Design Course

About this Course

This Ceramics Design course offers learners an opportunity to explore the fascinating history and design principles of ceramics creation alongside making. Through discussions, and hands-on projects, learners will be introduced to a range of interesting and creative approaches to design, construction, glazing and finishing, including hand-building and wheel throwing techniques. The course will provide an in-depth exploration of the history of ceramics, with an emphasis on contemporary artist and makers.

In exploring the elements of design, learners will gain an understanding of form, scale, proportion, repetition, texture, and surface design. You will be introduced to design principles and processes of observation, exploration, and problem solving. We will also explore the history of ceramics and how this has shaped the art-form today. Discussions of the historical context along with research on contemporary artists and makers will provide cultural and philosophical perspectives, helping learners to contextualise their own practice.

This is the perfect course for learners who want to be guided in their own personal creative process and encouraged to develop and refine their designs, in a friendly and supportive environment. Intermediate to Advanced.

Topics covered: Hand- building, including slabbing, coiling, pinching. Throwing, various decorative techniques, slips and glazes. Elements and principles of design, Ceramics artists and makers.

All materials are provided. Please bring a sketchbook or notebook for idea development and taking notes.