Employment Services

Looking for Work?

These facilities are free for people to use after they have completed an induction.

  • Computers for two hours a day (word-processing, Internet, e-mail and printing).
  • Telephone, photocopying, stationery, envelopes and postage.
  • JobCentrePlus Job Point (at South Reading Centre).
  • Job Sections of local newspapers.
  • Careers Resources (books not to be removed from the Centre.

For a list of useful job search links follow the link here

‚óŹ National Careers Service offering face to face tailored skills and careers advice every Thursday from our South Reading centre.

Job Search Resources
The National Careers Service is available free to every adult in England and has already helped millions of people improve their working lives. It provides information, careers and skills advice that's tailored to you. The National Careers Service offers careers and skills advice to fit your individual needs:

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