Congratulations on your GCSE results!

Group of learners

Congratulations to all our learners who passed their English and Maths GCSEs today!

We are very proud of all our learners, who join the College with the hope of improving their knowledge and skills, who have lives and responsibilities of their own, and work hard to achieve their grades.

The College achieved 100% retention rate in both Maths and English, and the age range of our learners was from 30 to 56 years old.

The achievement for Maths is 100% with 77% of learners achieving grade 4 or above, whilst the achievement rate for English is 86% with 71% achieving grade 4 or above. These results highlight the commitment of our learners as well as the hard work and commitment of our Teachers, Support Workers, Volunteers, and all College Staff.

Congratulations to all!