Learner Success Stories

Success Stories

Pushpa Gurung, Level 2 Diploma for Early Years Practitioner Course

I am delighted to share my progression experience in the childcare course and the exciting news that I have secured an apprenticeship job in a nursery. 

When I first started the course, I was excited to learn more about child development and care. I found the coursework challenging, but also very rewarding. The practical experience I gained during work placements helped me to apply what I was learning in class and see the impact of my work on children’s development. I particularly enjoyed learning about child psychology and the different stages of development, which has helped me to better understand the needs of children. 

During my apprenticeship job search, I applied to several nurseries, and I was thrilled when I received an offer to work at a local nursery. Since starting my apprenticeship, I have been able to put my learning into practice and have developed many new skills. I have learned about creating and implementing engaging activities for children, as well as how to manage challenging behaviour. I have also developed my communication skills by working with colleagues, parents, and children from diverse backgrounds.

Working in a nursery has been a fulfilling experience for me. Seeing the children grow and develop under my care has been incredibly rewarding. It is a joy to see them learn new things and form bonds with their peers and caregivers. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such a dedicated team of professionals and to contribute to the positive development of the children in my care.

Overall, my progression experience in the childcare course has been invaluable, and I am excited to continue learning and growing in my apprenticeship job. I am grateful for the support of my teachers, mentors, and colleagues, and I look forward to a bright future in the childcare profession. 

February 2023



Olayinka Oshodi, English classes

I had been talking with my partner about wanting to enhance my English in reading and writing, to give me more confidence and knowledge.

She went on Google and came across New Directions College in Reading. I came to the College for a visit and I was booked in for an appointment for the 3rd October 2021. I came and had a chat and a look around, and to see what the course entailed.

After discussing this with Julia, I was keen to enrol. I did some initial tests to see my current abilities. I was nervous on my first day. Being a grown adult that I haven’t been to school of any kind since I was a child. Everyone was very welcoming, and this put me at ease. I met my tutor Yasmeena, she was so lovely and supportive. We covered a lot of interesting topics. I have learnt a lot. I am very grateful for being a part of New Directions College.

Yasmeena recognised my effort and recommended me for an award. This really boosted my confidence. I would definitely recommend New Directions College to other people who want to further their education in English reading and writing skills.

They have helped me to progress in my reading and writing skills.

Thank you New Directions College.

December 2022



Rebecca Howie, Early Years qualifications

I first joined New Directions to gain my Early Years qualifications. I started at level 1 and am now six months away from gaining my level 3 qualification! Alongside this, I started level 1 functional skills in Maths and level 2 in English as these were
identified as what I needed to acquire to fully qualify and do my dream job. With the help of the tutors, Dawn, Caroline, Nichola and Holly, it didn’t take me long to pass. I then went on to do level 2 in Maths and passed that too 😊

My journey from level 1 to level 3 in Early Years was made easy by Nichola and Holly, who ensured they supported me whenever I needed it. Once you go onto level 2, you begin using an online portfolio which I thought was great as it meant I didn’t have to worry about misplacing any work especially if you are busy and on the go as a mum like me! Nichola ensured everyone was confident in using this. Also, as part of my EY level 3, you are required to find a placement that New Directions can help you find if needed. My Tutor, Nichola, would out to see me in my placement and observe me. I would get nervous, which is natural, however, Nichola would also be very supportive and makes me feel at ease at all times. She always would offer additional guidance which helps me to develop new skills. Nichola and Holly have both been a massive support if I need to ask any questions or have any queries. Feedback was always provided to me when I submitted work and even during Covid they went above and beyond to check in with me, not only for learning purposes but regarding my own mental health too.

Why choose New Directions to study? I would highly recommend New Directions
college to anyone because they are not only a college but a family too. Everyone is
always welcoming when I come in and has a positive attitude. I personally have
made some new friends for life here! New Directions has helped me gain the
knowledge and skills I need to be able to move forwards and find my dream job of
working with children. It also means I can make an income too which will allow me
and my family to have a better life, thank you!  

July 2022



Cristina Parvu, English classes

My journey with New Directions College started out of coincidence. I received an email from the Children’s Centre, asking if I would be interested in studying English, Maths or Childcare courses. I said yes and went to do the assessments. I was so nervous because like many of you, I haven’t studied for a long time.
All the ladies at New Directions were very nice and assured me that this is not a test, just a way for them to figure out what level I am.

Even though I had the feeling that I failed miserably, they told me that I was in between Level 1 and 2. That wasn’t too bad. I was very nervous at the first class because I didn’t know what to expect. But soon enough, after I met my teachers, it was very clear that the classes are relaxed and friendly. The English class was taught by Angela, our amazing and calm teacher. All her lessons were very clear, well explained and easy to understand. She taught us all we had to know, the
information was useful and she gave us the ‘weapons’ necessary to fight the big red dragon – the EXAMS! 

She also explained to us that our homework would help us develop our skills and help us prepare for the exams, but you need to make time to do it! However, it is possible! It really helped me because I could see what I was doing wrong, where I could improve my writing and also I could learn from my mistakes.
The first exam we had to take was Speaking and Listening. Angela prepared us and told us what it was all about. She even showed us a video of someone doing the Speaking and Listening. What seemed funny to me was seeing adults so stressed about an exam, that in the end was quite easy. Why? Because all of us had something to say about the topic we were given to discuss.

At the next exam I was nervous, but confident that my teacher had given me all the
knowledge and skills I needed. The best thing she did was to give us some hard mock tests to do in class, just before the exam. After that it seemed quite easy. I relaxed and finished my paper in the exam. My advice in exams is to be confident, watch the clock and do your best. I am really glad I had the chance to do these courses because now I feel more confident in the way I speak.

I learnt lots of new things that I can use every day and the most important thing for me, is I will be able to help my daughter when she goes to school. Even though English is not my first language I am confident enough that I want to go further
and study GCSE at New Directions College in September. 

I will not meet you, but I wish you all the luck you can have. Have confidence in yourself because this is something you can do! We never stop learning as long as we live!

May 2022