Microsoft Teams Instructions


Apple users please follow the Apple users’ instructions.

 If your course is to be delivered online, you will need to be able to access Microsoft TEAMS.

You will require:

  • Access to Microsoft TEAMS on a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop – see below
  • Internet browser such as Chrome, Edge or Safari
  • A device with audio/video

There are two ways of accessing your classes:

  • Directly through your web browser (you do not need to download TEAMS or install it) or;
  • Through the TEAMS app, this can be downloaded onto your desktop, tablet or mobile and is FREE of charge from any App Store.

 Joining a Team Meeting







When you visit the TEAMS webpage, select your preferred method of access on the right-hand side. Please note: if you have an android phone you will need to download the app at this point.

If you already have Microsoft TEAMS installed you can go straight to your calendar to view/join the class.


Joining your class

Your tutor will send you invitations to your class via email.  At the bottom of the email you will see the following:

Microsoft Team Meeting





To join the class, left click on the ‘Join Microsoft Teams Meeting’ text.  This will take you to the following web page.


During your class

We want your classes to be as interactive as possible, so please ensure your video and audio are set to ‘ON’ as in the image below before clicking on ‘Join the meeting now’.

Join Now




You do this by clicking on the right side of the video and microphone icons.

After clicking ‘Join Now’ you will see your class appear as people join.  You will also see the below bar appear at the bottom of your screen.

Control Icons







If you have any questions during your class, you can just ask or chose to click on the hand icon so the tutor knows you have a question.  You can also add comments or see the class chat by clicking on the group chat icon.

If you have any further questions or need additional support. Please speak to your Tutor who will be happy to assist you. We hope you enjoy your lessons on TEAMS.